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NQ-Designer HMI Omron Software

The scalable HMI software

CX-Designer is the HMI software used for our 5.7 to 15 inch NS HMI series.

  • Integrated into CX-One, allowing you to share tags between PLCs and HMIs, no need to type twice; just drag & drop from CX-Programmer or copy & paste from Excel
  • Very easy to re-use projects and screens using drag & drop
  • Library of over 1,500 pre-programmed Smart Active Parts
  • Property sheet, all object properties available at a glance
  • Import/export of labels for easy translation of the project





Provides a Windows look and feel and a fully customisable user interface.


CX-Designer now includes support for attractive fonts that look good on the display even when it is enlarged. Seven-segment fonts are also available. Smooth fonts can be used for alarms and character strings.

Language support

Worldwide support is provided with 42 languages including Eastern languages.





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