ZEN-SOFT01 “OMRON PLC” Support Software

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    This manual describes the installation and operation of the ZEN-SOFT01 ZEN Support Software and includes the sections described below. Please read this manual carefully and be sure you understand the information provided before attempting to install or operate the ZEN Support Software. Be sure to read the precautions provided in the following section. Precautions provide general precautions for using the ZEN Support Software and related devices. Section 1 describes how to install and start the ZEN Support Software. The screen configuration is also explained, along with the submenus for the Menu Bar, Toolbar, and Status Bar. Section 2 describes how to create, save, edit, and print ladder programs. Section 3 describes how to connect to the ZEN and how to transfer programs between the ZEN and the ZEN Support Software. Section 4 describes the ZEN system settings, how to set passwords to protect the ZEN ladder programs, and how to clear the ZEN memory. Section 5 describes the simulation function, which can be used to simulate ladder program execution without downloading the program to the ZEN. Section 6 describes errors that may occur while using the ZEN Support Software and possible countermeasures. The following two manuals are provided for the ZEN Programmable Relays. Refer to them as required in operation.


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